ReachOrb’s unique process of influencer marketing includes Strategy and Content Creation, Posting, Amplification, Social Engagement, Analytics, and Reporting.

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We work closely with you to define KPIs, target audiences, strategies and creative. We prepare a detailed timeline with action items and responsibilities (ours and yours) so nothing slips through the cracks.



Influencers love information that’ll help them create great posts. So, we give it to them…key messages, photos, videos, graphics, hashtags, and post ideas, just about anything that will help them maximize results for you.



Instagram influencers, bloggers, Facebook influencers, Twitter influencers, Pinterest influencers, or YouTube stars… picking the right influencer is about more than just their quantity of followers.

We consider everything!

Most importantly, we select social media influencers and bloggers who post authentic original content that consistently generates a high level of social media engagement.



ReachOrb social media influencers and bloggers post the right content, at the right time, on the right channels, and always follow FTC Sponsored Content Disclosure Requirements (we’ve got you covered on all the compliance details).


Sponsored Content Amplification 

Driving audience reach, impressions and engagement is one of the many things we do to assure success (so you can boast about your great results).

That’s why we amplify influencer’s posts with Facebook post boosting, Instagram post boosting, Pinterest Pin promotion, Twitter tweet promotion, and other tactics that cook-up our formula for success.




Our clients consistently tell us that our reporting is among the most thorough and accurate in the Influencer Marketing industry (seriously, we hear it all the time).

Our Interim Reports and our Final Reports include a wide range of information to show you how effective your campaign was every step of the way. Here are some of the points covered in your reports:

  • Audience Reach

  • Impressions

  • Engagements

  • Click-throughs

  • Consumer Social Sharing of Influencer Posts

  • Blog Unique Monthly Visitors

  • Blog Screen Grabs

  • Social Post Page Grabs

  • Links to Every Post

  • Campaign Analysis

  • Recommendations for Future Campaigns